Wednesday, March 2, 2011

back to blogging world

it's undeniable that blog-hopping and blog reading are irresistible. i just can spend hourss on it daily. that's how I've been living my life before moving to KL for good. I just love reading the people's writings, their point of views, and whatnots. husband once asked me, "do you know the blog owner?" of course I do not know them at all but by reading their blogs, i feel like knowing them. and i can tell what are things they love, where they go to dine, what is her recently bought handbags and such. crazeyyy i know but definitely I am not stalking nor messing with their lives. its just that i love reading 'em for no definite reason. sometimes, i just love the blog due to its content, but there are times when i do read the blog because i just admire how the writers express their feelings into a piece of writing. and now, i am re-starting my own blog. notice the word "re".yes, i used to have a blog before but i have deleted it after abandoning it for quite a long time. so i hope the new one retains for longer period of time if it does not manage to stay forever. hopefully :))

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